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This demonstration illustrates how AeroCFD uses sequential command buttons on the toolbar to perform subsonic, transonic, supersonic and hypersonic analyses without the need for commands embedded deep within the file menu. This analysis demonstrates how to perform a 3-dimensional CFD analysis of the Masten Space Systems XA-1.0 vertical takeoff and landing sub-orbital rocket for Mach 3.0 and 0.0 degrees angle of attack. Vehicle shape was developed using a CAD generated Sphere-Cone-Cylinder geometry. This analysis required 33 minutes and 200 iterations to achieve a pressure change per iteration convergence criteria of 1.13E-4. In addition, the user can employ a library of built-in airframe shapes including nose cone, body tube-1, expansion/reduction section, body tube-2 and expansion/reduction boat tail section in addition to imported airframe shapes, multiple fin sets many other options.

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