Kenneth Bailey from Ocala, Florida and Paul Latshaw from Citrus Springs, Florida
Citrus County Sheriff's Office Detective James "Jimmy" West from Citrus County, Florida
These facts are official public records at the Citrus County Courthouse

The Citrus County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) attempted to dismiss critical GoPro video evidence that proved Kenneth Bailey vandalized John Cipolla's prized aerodynamic bicycle. The following false statement from the criminal report initially caused all vandalism charges against Kenneth Bailey and Paul Latshaw to be dismissed despite CCSO investigator, Detective James "Jimmy" West having GoPro video evidence of Kenneth Bailey's guilt of vandalism. The omission of any mention of Kenneth Bailey's vandalism and the inclusion of the following bold-faced lie in the criminal report was an intentional cover-up.

"The Defendant (Kenneth Bailey) picks up his own
bike and throws it onto the ground

This false statement and other false statements in the criminal report were easily proved false by GoPro video evidence made available to the CCSO investigator days after the attack. When presented with the facts the Florida State Attorney found Kenneth Bailey, seen wearing the green Brick City Bicycles kit, guilty of CRIMINAL MISCHIEF for vandalizing John Cipolla's $5,350 bicycle and denting John Cipolla's helmet by repeated kicks to John Cipolla's head while John Cipolla was helpless on the ground. Paul Latshaw the other attacker seen wearing the red shirt was issued an Injunction for protection against repeat violence.

Please read the attack report and sequential images of the violent Bailey-Latshaw attack.

High resolution GoPro video proved Kenneth Bailey guilty of CRIMINAL MISCHIEF and Vandalism. The Citrus County Sheriff's Office dismissed and ignored conclusive GoPro video evidence of vandalism by Kenneth Bailey seen wearing the green Brick City Bicycles kit. The extreme violence of the Bailey-Latshaw attack ripped John Cipolla's GoPro video camera off his bicycle and was hidden in the grass where it recorded Kenneth Bailey throwing John Cipolla's bicycle to the pavement as Paul Latshaw wearing the red shirt looks on. GoPro video proves Paul Latshaw participated in the ambush and attack on John Cipolla.

See GoPro Video of Kenneth Bailey violently throwing John Cipolla's bicycle to the pavement.