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We Support Donald Trump for President in 2020
"You won't be safe in Joe Biden's America

By Attacking Recognized COVID-19 Cures, Democrats
Are Responsible For Thousands Of Covid-19 Deaths

Doctors in America are taking a stand and backing President Trump in his recommendation to use the drug hydroxychloroquine to treat the China coronavirus. Watch the video that’s been banned by Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Please sign the petition to request President Trump make hydroxychloroquine an over the counter drug to fight COVID-19.

We stand for the American flag and kneel only to almighty God

Freedom Loving Americans Vote Trump in 2020

President Trump protects the American people from violent Marxist anarchists

“Trump endeavors to cross the ‘swamp’ of Washington DC as he carries the light of truth, hope, and prosperity. The murky water of the deep state is laced with dangerous vermin, perfectly willing to destroy American prosperity for their personal ideologies and financial gain,” Jon McNaughton said of his latest painting on his website. ( President Trump is a new American hero. Protect the American way of life and assure freedom by voting for President Donald Trump.

Stand with Trump against ANTIFA and BLM violence
aimed at the founding fathers and the American people

e-Bike Riders Abusing Strava's Leaderboards
The following is a screen shot of the Trek eBike driven by an eBike rider from Ocala, Florida who routinely and intentionally misclassifies his rides as human powered bicycle rides on Strava. This eBike rider uses the Trek Super Commuter+ 8 eBike, which provides pedal assisted electric motor power up to 28 mph and includes a 500 watt-hour battery. Strava considers using an eBike and classifying its use as a human powered bicycle as a violation of their leaderboard rules, see below.

Strava's Official statement on abusing leaderboards using an eBike
E-bike activities must be categorized under the E-Bike Ride activity type which matches to unique E-bike segments. Or, if listed as a Ride, the "Hide from Segment Leaderboards" option must be selected to remove all results from the cycling leaderboards. If E-Bike activities do not follow our guidelines, use the activity flag tool to remove the results from the segment leaderboards instantly. It's the activity owner's responsibility to correctly upload their data according to our (Strava's) Segment Leaderboard Guidelines. 

Please see this video describing the Trek Super Commuter+ 8 where a Trek spokesperson states
"You're really comparing this eBike to your car not so much another bike"

An Ocala area eBike rider uses this Trek eBike to gain notoriety on Strava's awards leaderboards

Good Bye Strava: We will not associate as paid members with a bicycle riding community like Strava that permits "bike-doping" and ignores its own well-documented rules against eBike rule violations on the leaderboards. Strava is aware that improperly classified eBike rides can be immediately recognized by the characteristic velocity-time profile generated by motorized vehicles like eBikes and motorcycles. Any competent software engineer is aware methods are available to distinguish an eBike ride from a human powered bicycle ride. Strava has the software technology to automatically flag improperly classified rides during upload. Strava's leaderboards are worthless because eBikes are motorcycles and group bicycle riders achieve their place (speed) on the leaderboards by drafting behind other faster riders. Therefore, Strava does not recognize individual achievement and bicycling ability. Finally, as a Strava member it is not our responsibility to enforce Strava's rules against eBike abuse. Responsibility to enforce Strava's leaderboard rules belongs to Strava not rank and file members who sometimes benefit from "cheating".

Aliens are real and we can prove it
The following image from an episode of Ancient Aliens that first aired on 2/17/2014 depicts a 5-year-old ET child. The image on the left is a reconstruction of an actual skull found in a Mexican cave that was carbon dated at about 900 years. Genetic analysis of the material from the skull proves the mother and father of this ET child is not from planet Earth. See Star Children, season 7, episode 3.

The U.S. Government acknowledges UFO's are real
The GIMBAL tracking system on a US Navy F/A 18 shows what was on display in the cockpit during a UFO encounter. The following image of the HUD (Heads Up Display) seen in the GIMBAL of the  F/A-18 Super Hornet using the Raytheon AN/ASQ-228 Advanced Targeting Forward-Looking Infrared (ATFLIR) pod is displayed in the following image.

Click here to see a video describing the HUD image of the UFO described above

Click here to read a detailed description of the UFO encounter by this US Navy F/A 18 fighter aircraft



John Cipolla rode his Trek Madone down the Blue Ridge
Mountains at a top speed of 36 mph with a wicked cross-wind