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Jet Airplane Wire Frame
3-D jet airplane orthographic image using AeroWindTunnel
HFV-3X Wire Frame
AeroWindTunnel HFV-3X Hypersonic Aircraft Wire Frame

AeroWindTunnel like all AeroRocket software use the following reference books
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1) Aerodynamics of Wings and Bodies, Holt Ashley
2) Aeroelasticity, Raymond L. Bisplinghoff
3) AIAA Design Engineers Guide, 4th Edition, 1998
4) Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach, Daniel P. Raymer, 1989
5) Airplane Design, Part VI, Preliminary Calculation of
    Aerodynamic Thrust and Power Characteristics, Jan Roskam
6) Airplane Flight Dynamics and Automatic Flight Controls, Part 1, Jan Roskam, 1995
7) Airplane Flight Dynamics and Automatic Flight Controls, Part 2, Jan Roskam, 1995
8) Beyond Einstein, Michio Kaku
9) Calculus Early Transcendentals, James Stewart
10) Computational Fluid Dynamics, The Basics with Applications, John D. Anderson, 1995
11) Dynamics of Atmospheric Flight, Bernard Etkin, 1972
12) Fluid Dynamic Drag, S.F. Hoerner, 1965
13) Fluid-Dynamic Lift, S.F. Hoerner, 1975
14) Fluid Mechanics by Frank M. White, 1975
15) Fundamentals of Aerodynamics, John D. Anderson, 1984
16) Fundamentals of Physics, Halliday and Resnick
17) Gravitation, Kip S. Thorne
18) Hypersonic and High Temperature Gas Dynamics, John D. Anderson, 1989
19) Introduction to the Theory of Relativity, Peter G. Bergmann
20) Introduction to Flight, John D. Anderson, 1989
21) Introduction to Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity, Dewey H. Hodges
22) Modern Compressible Flow with Historical Perspective, John D. Anderson, 1982
Relativity Demystified, David McMahon
24) Rocket Propulsion Elements, George P. Sutton
25) Selections from The Principal of Relativity, Albert S. Einstein, Stephen Hawking
26) Space Propulsion Analysis and Design, Ronald Humble

27) Theoretical Concepts in Physics, Malcolm S. Longair
28) Theory of Wing Sections, Ira H. Abbott
1) FinSim, AeroCFD, AeroWindTunnel
2) FinSim, AeroCP
3) ALL
4) AeroWindTunnel
5) AeroWindTunnel
6) AeroWindTunnel
7) AeroWindTunnel
8) StarTravel
9) ALL
10) AeroEuler, HyperCFD, VisualCFD
11) AeroWindTunnel
12) AeroCFD, AeroDRAG, AeroWindTunnel
13) AeroCFD, AeroWindTunnel
14) AeroCFD, AeroDRAG, Nozzle, AeroSpike
15) AeroCFD, AeroDRAG, Nozzle, AeroSpike
16) StarTravel
17) StarTravel, Warp Drive Technology
18) AeroEuler, HyperCFD, VisualCFD
19) StarTravel
20) AeroWindTunnel
21) FinSim, AeroCP
22) Nozzle, AeroSpike, HyperCFD, VisualCFD
23) StarTravel, Warp Drive Technology
24) Nozzle, AeroSpike
25) StarTravel, Warp Drive Technology
26) StarTravel

27) StarTravel, Warp Drive Technology
28) FinSim, AeroCFD